Argumentative skills and lexical richness in a higher education course

  • Gabriel Valdés-León


This research aims to explore the relationship between argumentative skills and lexical richness in a writing course for first-year pedagogy students. Through quantitative descriptive analysis, argumentative skills were categorized into three levels considering two major aspects, namely, structure and quality of the arguments; for its part, we address the lexical richness by identifying the lexical density and the interval of appearance of notional words. Both the argumentative quality results and the lexical richness of the analyzed texts are located mainly at the initial and intermediate levels, which is consistent with the works that have addressed these competencies in new students. Although it is not possible to establish a relationship of interdependence, the results lead us to conclude that the lexical richness is lower the higher the quality of the arguments, which invites us to investigate the linguistic-discursive aspects that affect it.

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