Vínculos entre lógica y psicología del razonamiento: un estudio exploratorio sobre diagramación de argumentos


  • Alba Massolo
  • Federico Ferrero Universidad Nacional de Córdoba y Conicet, Argentina


We approach the problem of the relationship between logic and human reasoning from the contemporary debate between psychologist and anti-psychologist positions on logic. From the empirically informed philosophy perspective, we designed an empirical study of argument diagramming in order to make a critical analysis of this philosophical discussion. We conducted an exploratory study on a group of philosophy students at National University of Córdoba, Argentina. On the basis of the collected data, we review limitations and possibilities of psychologism and anti-psychologism in logic. The purpose of this exploratory inquiry is to construct and refine conjectures that can later be contrasted in subsequent empirical studies based on representative samples. The hypothesis we attempt to show here is that despite the low percentage of right answers revealed by the empirical results, a thorough analysis of this data makes it possible to argue for psychologism.