Linguistic diversity as “field test” in Argumentation Theory: Aimara Language and Modal Qualification in LNMA


  • Alejandro Secades Gómez Universidad de Granada, Granada,


This work analyzes some peculiar aspects of Aymara language, with two goals in mind: The first one is to show how linguistic diversity can provide relevant information to disciplines like Theory of Argumentation. Second goal is to use previ­ous analysis, in order to elucidate some theoretical questions about a specific model of argumentation, LNMA (Linguistic Normative Model of Argumentation). Conclusions show how linguistic diversity can help to open new avenues for investigation on top­

ics like the universality of formal logic. As for the second goal, this work shows how some properties concerning modal qualifiers and argument evaluation, advocated by LNMA, which are rather difficult to corroborate within our Indo-European languages, appear to be part of Aymara language.